Private Escort in Atlanta- Surprise Sessions

Our Appointments and information on our one of a kind Surprise Sessions.

Our Companions offer a variety of Sessions from half hour and 1 hour GFE Appointments, Dinner Dates, Lunch Dates, Over nights, 2 girl appointments, body rubs, fetishes, surprise sessions and much more. You can always call and ask us. Make sure you read each Models Bio for their donations and what sessions they offer.

Specialty Sessions: Many of our Companions offer Speccialty/Package appointments, check each Models page to see what type of appointments they offer.

Surprise Sessions: 1 Hour - $225 We can now book an appointment for you for only $225.

Everyone likes a surprise and ER wants to give our clients a surprise any day of the week, this is our ongoing special to our existing clients.

Surprise sessions is a service that we currently only offer to our existing clients, sorry we do not offer this service to new clients, new clients must book a regular appointment first before they can take advantage of our “surprise sessions”.

1. What is a surprise session?

A surprise session is basically a last minute appointment for our existing clients, where we choose the model and location for you based on the time that best fits your schedule, A surprise session also offers you an extreme discount and is only $225 per hour if we select the location and model, (sorry, we do not offer half hour Surprise sessions). Essential Referrals has found that our clients struggle with the fantastic variety that we offer here and sometimes have a hard time choosing a companion, but the one thing we know for a fact is that all of our companions offer a fantastic, un-rushed GFE encounter so you can’t make a wrong choice and in extension we can’t make a wrong choice for you.

2. How does it work you ask?

Surprise sessions first of all are fit for clients that need a last minute, same day appointment, with a preference of at least 1 hour notice we can set up an appointment for you at your desired appointment time. All you do is call and tell us you want a surprise session and what time you desire and that’s all there is to it. The Model we select for you will meet you at her incall and we will give you the directions to her.

3. The catch?

There is no catch all you have to know and remember is that this is a surprise session and we get to pick the model you see and we do not and will not tell you who we selected, after all if we told you, it would not very much be a surprise would it. One guarantee is that we will only book you with Models that are listed on our site, so you will always know what all of our Ladies look like; we do not want to surprise you that much.

4. The Rules.

You must be an existing client that has used our service before; new clients must book a regular appointment before taking advantage of this service. Surprise sessions are only $225 if we select the model and location. We will NOT tell you who we are booking you with so do not ask, the idea is it is a “surprise session”, if you become pressuring to our phone staff in any way then we will assume that our surprise sessions are not for you and will not book an appointment for you. If you arrive to the incall and decide you do not want to follow through with your appointment you will still be required to compensate the model in full for $225 whether you choose to stay for your date with her or leave. We feel that all models offer a remarkable service and each client is attracted to different types of models however we feel that some clients can be overly harsh so we are a firm believer if you cannot say something nice then do not say nothing at all, however if you find your service is below par by all means please do contact our staff our the owner and we will be more than happy to make it up to you. Whether you pay for a regular session or a discounted session like this your service should and will always be equally fantastic, let us know if you feel your service was sub-par. If you have to cancel your appointment for your surprise session you will still be charged a $100 cancellation fee as it is a same day appointment thus your cancellation would be a same day cancellation. All company policies and rules apply when booking this appointment so make sure you read them and understand them.