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    Our Policies:

    Essential Referrals does not condone or advertise illegal activities.  If you are intoxicated, under the influence of drugs or rude to any of the ladies at any point,
    the lady will leave and you will not receive a refund nor will you be permitted to make any other appointments with our referral service.

    After you have arrived to your appointment:

  1. New clients must have the forms of ID we asked you to bring, if you do not have what we agreed for you to bring then you will be asked to leave.  If you
    have used our Service before we ask that you still bring in your ID.
  2. Please leave all personal effects in your car (except for the forms of ID we ask you to bring) such as extra keys, wallet, pager, and cell phone.  If you
    must bring your cell phone in you must keep it in a drawer.  Watches, Necklaces, cellphones, pagers, sunglasses and other effects brought in, must
    be put in a drawer.
  3. You must shower when you arrive please respect this policy, our Models always shower right before your arrival, when showering your clothes will be
    put in a closet or you can leave them in the restroom.  We want everyone to respect everyone's hygiene.
  4. Set your donation on a table as soon as you arrive and enjoy your time with your Companion

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In the event that you copy any design, text, or photos from this website Essential Referrals and the attorney's who represent Essential Referrals has the right to sue for copyright infringement.  
As in agreement to the entrance page,
If you do not respect and abide by these laws you must fully compensate the owner of this site for his/her attorney's fees and any other fees which may
incur during this time period.
Alcohol and drug use-  If you would like to have a cocktail or glass of wine during your time, you may bring those things with you, however we only permit
1 drink per hour.  (We do not want our clients or models intoxicated during their appointment).  Refreshments such as Water, soda, coffee, snacks, etc will be
offered when you arrive.  

If you bring drugs, ask for drugs or seem to be under the influence of drugs we reserve the right to blacklist you and your appointment will immediately end
with-out refund.  Essential Referrals is a drug FREE establishment and we do not support or encourage drug habits or behavior
Phone Etiquette-   When calling the Referral service please refrain from using graphic language.  Any persons who call that use descriptive language,
abusive language or behave in an inappropriate way will be blacklisted and will not be permitted to make an appointment.

Essential Referrals does NOT accept calls from blocked or unlisted numbers please make sure that you unblock your telephone number.  

Do not attempt to haggle or negotiate our required donations, we feel that they are extremely reasonable.  If you attempt to negotiate
the required donation you will not be able to book an appointment and will be black listed with our referral service.
Specials and Discounts-   You may not combine any specials, if one Lady is running a special and the company is running one, they can not be
combined, you can only pick one or the other.
Extended Appointments-   Clients who book a 12 hour or 24 hour session must give at least 1 days notice and must pay a non-refundable deposit of
50%.  Refunds on deposits are only permitted if the lady you requested is not available the day of your appointment.
Behavior when you arrive for your appointment-   Upon your arrival when meeting with one of our models we request that you set your donation
on the end table once behind closed doors in clear site for your Companion up front when meeting.  Please do not make your Companion ask for the

Do not attempt to haggle or negotiate our required donations, we feel that they are extremely reasonable.  If you attempt to negotiate the required donation you
will not be able to book an appointment and will be black listed with our referral service.
Cancellations tardiness and no-shows-   If you book an appointment and choose to cancel the same day your appointment is set you must pay a
$100 cancellation fee.  We understand that emergencies do occur, but please respect this policy.  If you pre-book and cancel with at least a days notice we will
waive your cancellation fee.  If you call to cancel the same day but re-schedule for the same week we may consider waiving your cancellation fee as long as
this is not a habitual behavior.  However if you cancel the second appointment after we waived your first, you will be required to pay 2 cancellation fee's of $100

Tardiness-   If you are late for your appointment  you are still required to pay for your session in full and your session will still have to end at your regular
scheduled time, extra time can be available for a fee if we can extend your time after you are tardy, make sure you call and ask our booking dispatcher.  

No-Shows-  If you book an appointment and do not show up with-out calling we will black-list you from utilizing our service in the future.  If an emergency
occurred that kept you from your phone we may take this into consideration, but will require you to pay your full fee from your missed appointment up-front via
credit card before we will permit you to book another appointment.  No showing on you reserved appointment is not tolerated by our company.  

If you are not sure about an appointment then do not call us until you know you are sure you are available.  

Booking an appointment with one of our Companions should be treated just as equally as if you are making a Doctor's appointment.  
How much notice do we need when booking you an appointment?-   Our models are in high demand and tend to book up rather quickly.  If
you must make a same day appointment please call giving at least 1 to 2 hours notice prior to your desired appointment time.  New clients should always
provide us with at-least an hour or 2 notice.  
Existing clients cansometimes book with as little as 30 minutes notice.  
Screening for New clients-   Essential Referrals screens all potential clients for the safety of our models, if you refuse to cooperate with our screening
process you will NOT be permitted to book an appointment.  Our screening is quick and painless.  We NEVER keep your information or save it anywhere.  Our
screening consists of a quick background check verifying your identity.  
Paying with a credit card-   
  • If you choose to pay for your appointment with a credit card you MUST notify the booking dispatcher at the time you book your appointment.  We
    would also like to let you know that we charge a 9% fee when you choose to pay by credit card.  
  • If you fail to notify us over the phone that you wish to use your credit card while booking and the model has to call us when you arrive to tell us you are
    paying via credit card then we will charge your credit card an additional $50 fee.  We will not add our 9% fee to the additional $50.  
  • If you wish to tip on a credit card after using cash you may call us back and leave your tip that way, just make sure you let the model know at the end of
    your appointment.  
  • When tipping we do not charge our 9% fee.
  • If you pre-book an appointment and want to use your credit card we will reserve your appointment, but will ask you to call us back the same day your
    appointment is being held and will run your card then.  This call back is NOT a confirmation your appointment IS reserved and is still subject to the
    same day cancellation policies.  
  • When booking an appointment with your credit card you MUST use your own card.  We will require a imprint at the time of your appointment.  
  • Credit card billing is discreet and will NOT show up on your statement as Essential Referrals.  Discretion is assured, we will be happy to tell you over
    the phone what your billing statement will show.  

    Essential Referrals never keeps credit card information stored and is PCI compliant and certified.  
We are a Companion referral service NOT a dating service-   Clients may not request the models personal contact numbers nor may they
give out their personal contact numbers, this is for the models discretion as well as our clients, requesting or giving out such information will initiate automatic
blacklisting of the client.  If a client gives out their personal contact information to any of our models we can no longer assure you of your discretion and are not
responsible for your actions or the models actions.  Please do not ask the models for their full name or what their "real" name is, if you do this we reserve the
right to refuse booking you any further appointments.  

Do not ask the models to meet you outside of the service or make offers or promises if they will go out on a "personal" date with you.  This behavior will
automatically ban you from any further use of our service.  if you want a date we have packages with lunch, coffee and dinner dates we can arrange those for
Our Location Discretion-   In order to protect the discretion of our clients and our models, we kindly request that our customers refrain from sharing our
chosen location by city, we ask that you use an alternative by just saying incall or home/apartment.  
Please do not share locations with others publicly or
privately, I feel this should be a policy all customers should respect for both Agencies and Independents, those that fail to comply with this policy may be
considered to be banned from use of any further services.  Thank you for your understanding with this regulation.  
No means NO-   Our models reserve the right to see who they choose to see if they find your behavior inappropriate during your time together the model
may ask you to leave without a refund.  
Remember NO means NO!  
Outcalls   Out calls outside the metro Atlanta area require a $50 travel fee.  Outcalls are available to existing clients only, new clients may not book an
outcall, however we can accommodate an incall for you.